Paalu Pars

I was a fisherman for 3 years on a fishing ship.

I worked for 3-4 months at a time.

The shore was a rare sight for me,

but so was the sky.

Most of our work took place

inside of the ship's fish factory,

where we packed the fish in boxes.

But I spent much of my time

freezing beneath my colleagues

In the matter of 4 months,

I lifted more than 2000 tonnes of frozen fish

in a -38 C storage freezer.

In spite of spending much time inside,

I got to watch sunsets from our dining area.

The vibrant horizon was highly appreciated -

considering that we lived on floating steel,

surrounded by oil odors and noisy machinery.

I worked with a fisherman.                       

crowned 'Kunuussuaq' (Big Knut).    

He had been there for 16 years.

We shared no interests and

couldn't have been

more different

from each other.

But our differences meant nothing to our friendship -

Working day and night shook us together.

We went on to create many priceless memories,

filled with fish, hard work, and laughter.

And luckily, he wasn't my only new friend.